Тæхудиаг, буц хъæбулæй
Йæ уалдзæджы царды хурæй
Чи бафсæст йæ мады хъæбысы!
Тæхуды, æрæгвæззæджы,
Хъæлдзæгæй æнкъард рæстæджы
Йæ рагуалдзæг хорзæн чи мысы!

Тæхуды, йæ фыды зæххыл,
Йæ уарзон æмгарты рæгъыл
Кæмæн хъуысы дардмæ йæ зарæг!
Тæхуды, йæ гутонимæ,
Хæрзифтонг бæхуæрдонимæ
Йæ бинонтæн чи у сæ дарæг!

Тæхуды, йæ дзыллæйы раз
Чи ракæны барджын ныхас,
Кæй фæрсынц, кæй равзарынц зондæй!
Тæхуды, йæ уарзондзинад,
Йæ хорз ном, йæ фыдæлты кад,
Чи уадзы уæлæуыл зæрондæй!


Blessed is he who is from infancy
Was warmed by the spring sun
And with the caress of the dear mother!
Blessed is he who his spring days
Will remember under the murmur of the rains
In autumn that’s sometimes dull!

Blessed is he who is in his native land
His cheerful song
Sometimes sings with his friends...
Blessed is he who follows his plow
Walks through the fields to his relatives,
Who wins bread for the family!

Blessed is he who is in soul and mind
Is glorified among his people,
Whose weighty opinion is appreciated!
Blessed is he who loved his homeland,
Who valued the glory of his fathers
Whose name is not lost in oblivion!

My attention is drawn to the place in Vladikavkaz, where it was planned to erect the building of the Center for Contemporary Art of the Republic of North Ossetia - Alania. An artist and, in general, a creative person, is well aware that dreams are material if you dream, believe and desire. The performance "Taekhudy" refers to the poem of the Ossetian poet Kosta Khetagurov whose name is borne by the main park of culture and recreation of Vladikavkaz and the Republic of North Ossetia.

The performance "Taekhudy" is written in such a way that each participant is a part of the whole.

Voices, merging in a choir, fill the space with the soul of the invisible, but already existing, building. This will be the first foundation for an imaginary museum. The choir members have grown out of the ground by half, but we hope and believe that Ossetian and Russian songs will sound inside the materialized building of the Center for Contemporary Art.

Participants of the performance "Tækhudy" are connected to their native land by roots like trees. We believe that Ossetian, Russian songs and the songs of all peoples of the world will sound inside the materialized building of the Center for Contemporary Art.

The music by the Ossetian composer Larisa Kanukova performed by the choir "Arion", director - Olga Dzhanaeva.

The author of the video Evgeny Ivanov.

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