Mikhail Roshnyak


graffiti, video interview

I see the city, its streets, squares, embankments, as a book in which there should be no voids or lost places. All lacunas, spaces and surfaces of the city are intended to be placed on them, in them, some specific visual messages in the form of fragments of various ornaments that live not only in the subconscious of the ethnic group, but also in patterns that beautify a folk costume, objects of arts-and-crafts of the peoples inhabiting these lands since ancient times. Graphic symbols have their own history dating back to the Scythian-Sarmatian nomadic culture. The street art project "The Message of the Alans" for Vladikavkaz is to saturate the corners of the city with fragments of Ossetian ornament, that is, not with alien and random graphic forms, but with those that are close to every person living in the territory of Ossetia.

The works are implemented in the form of graffiti or large-format printings, and in the form of objects (banners).

Video: Evgeny Ivanov, interview participants - residents of Vladikavkaz.

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