Kazbek Tedeev



The magnificent view of Table Mountain is one of the main attractions of the city. In fact, the city was designed so as to open the view of the mountain from the central places, so that it becomes an integral part of the urban perspective, a part of the urban space. It was natural for the experienced townspeople to have a full view of Table Mountain towering at the base of the Terek River. Many people will remember the postcard view of the beautiful Sunni Mosque flawlessly inscribed in the backdrop of Table Mountain. Generations of Vladikavkaz architects very delicately approached the issue of multi-storey buildings, especially the territory adjacent to the river floodplain, however, the rules are changing and now many familiar, but no less majestic and beautiful, views have been destroyed by the elite high-storey buildings.

There is such an element in the urban memorial life as plaques. Usually such a plaque or inscription contains humble information about a person or event associated with this place.

My project is a commemorative plaque, a memorial plaque in the usual style of similar memorial signs dedicated to the deceased city views. It is installed in the places from which they once could be seen.

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