Irina Eldarova

A wordless rag
or a theater curtain

theater curtain

Site: Museum of Theatrical Art

The theater begins with ... the Buffet.

We are changing.

The world is changing.

The concept of a STAGE remains.

And those "show-offs" who have SOMETHING TO SCREAM OUT.

That the PERSONALITY is in danger ("corrosion" of deep indifference and omnivorousness makes the degree of ECSTASE increase).

That the concept of "national" in a high sense is degrading - CHUPA-CHUPS commands the PARADE.

The fact that there are no HEROES, but there are many "guised" idols - "not little PRINCES"

No COATROOM as there is no COSTUMES.

Do not be fooled: first chew on CLUB SANDWICH, wash it down with a foaming slipslop...

And then (why not?) Against the background of belching - like a pill - SHOW on the STAGE.

P.S. See you?

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