Evgeny Umansky

The Rocks are
My Fathers

The project is dedicated to the main Vladikavkaz mountain – Table Mountain; I can say with full confidence about the influence of the Caucasus mountains and stones on my work.

The name of the project was a historical statement by one of the leaders of the Russian avant-garde in 1920-30 Mikhail Matyushin. In his manifesto "The Rocks are My Fathers", he affirmed the unity of the laws of animate and inanimate nature and the perception of the world as an organic whole, including a man, as a creative material, without ideological content.

Thus, in these sculptures, the combination of archival, literally, digger findings of the previous cultural era and ethnos with real natural eternal rocks and intarsia interventions of modern everyday life, leads to the creation of a new, strange, centauric art.

This is emphasized by the soundtrack Titus Turner, which accompanies the presentation of the project.

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