Dilara Akay


performance, foto installation

Site: The Terek River

Looking at the destruction of our earth, I realize the most oppressed one is the nature.

I think we are all in urgent need to reunite with nature and undo the ‘alienation’ that technological modern life creates. It is an emergency to bring back the knowledge that we need for coexisting. We need to find simple ways to take care of nature and show our love and friendship to it. This will bring back beauty, harmony and balance in our world and support our reconnection.

For the Alanica, my work about Terek River and I will deliver a “Letter of Friendship and Love” to waters by performing a ceremony. I have been creating works about water and water rights for years and this will be one of them.

Terek River and then from there uniting with all waters on earth.

During my ceremony, first I will create a purifying spice and flower mandala that it will become my living prayer to bring energy shifts, love and healing to all waters, and then I will give away this mandala as an offering / a “Love Letter” to all waters.

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