Anna Kabisova

Sometimes you feel
like there nothing
more important


Site: Komsomolets Cinema

Anna Kabisova's diary documentary film tells about young people from Vladikavkaz who love cinema. The main characters of the film are Anna's friends, who are united by common hobbies for cinema, creativity, and literature. The film documents script-reading parties, home movie screenings, movie club meetings, walks, endless movie talks and dreams of making something of your own. By recording interviews with young directors and touching monologues about love for movie stars, the author conveys her premonition of an emerging new wave that is about to take ashore dreamers and rebels, brave and free, who have something to say about themselves and about the modern world. Thus, the film, which begins with shots taken in the destroyed hall of the Komsomolets cinema, which is a sad symbol of the current state of cinema in the republic, as events unfold towards the end, reveals hope - on the ruins of Soviet cinema history, slowly but steadily, the ambitions of a new generation grow.

Komsomolets is the oldest cinema in Russia opened in 1907 under the name "Cinematograph of the Pathé Brothers", a monument of federal significance.

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