Anastasia Khoroshilova

The Mountains
of Memory

foto installation

Ossetia. Summer. Mountains. Cloudy, but sometimes the sun peeps out, it's hot.

There are several of us. We are climbing the side of the mountain. Someone stopped to have rest. Someone recalls yesterday evening in the city. The words "beauty", "amazing" are heard ... And I hear only silence. In front of me are the Towers. Of course, I knew about them before the trip. But now it doesn't matter at all. Silence accompanies me. I feel as if I am alone. Now I can't remember how long it went on. Suddenly, from below, voices are heard, my name called, they are in a hurry. It's time to go back. I have to hurry up not to detain anyone. A random car pulls up at the bottom of the road. Seeing the strangers, the driver comes out of it and begins to talk about the tower, about the mountains, about history, about family, about war and peace.

Personal stories of seven residents of Ossetia about the family Towers, as well as letters, photographs and documents from personal archives, “seven forms of memory” addressed to the author orally, are the basis and the source of this project.

This is a reflection on the universal intersection of the personal and the historical, the interlacement and the clash of destinies, about the eternal witnesses of human life - the Towers. It is they, the symbol of the power of memory and oblivion, that keep the memory of the place and the people, and form the modern perception of national traditions among the inhabitants of Ossetia.

The most important thing for the author is that the project makes it possible to create an "Archive of Towers", which has this unique feature to be endlessly supplemented.

I am grateful to the project participants: Alan Aylarov, Oleg Basaev, Mukhtar Baysangurov, Soslan Botsiev, Soslan Mamsurov, Marat Tsagaraev, Danielbek Tsalikov, Soslan Tsalikov for their attention, and, of course, for their stories which they decided to share with me and which allowed me to implement my idea.

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