Mikhail Roshnyak - painter, performer, performance artist, curator

d.o.b. in 1958, lives and works in Moscow.

Graduated from the Moscow Institute of Graphic Arts, was trained at the Higher School of Graphics and Book Arts (Leipzig, Germany).

Organizer and curator of current art projects, participant of international art fairs, Strasbourg, Geneva, organizer and curator of club performances.

Co-organizer and co-curator «Through the Times», «Iodine Mark or Fractal Mythology», «PSYCHODELIKA», «Visible Music», «Poetry Painting or Poetry Pictures of Our Time», art mystery «Funeral of the Crisis», «POE:ZY or Words Show», (2007-2009); curator and participant of the 4th, 5th, 6th Moscow Biennales with special projects: «On transparency», «Spirit and Soil»,  «Oil in the Square» (2011-2016).

Participant of projects: Malevich Track, Moscow Region, «Pit» at the Andrei Platonov Festival, in memory of David Burliuk in Ufa, in Arkaim, Chelyabinsk Region, «Laziness», Artplay, Moscow and the Center for Contemporary Art «Oblaka («Clouds»)», Ufa, in memory of D.A. Prigov (together with V. Patsyukov), Moscow, OVZ, hall «On Kashirka», personal project in memory of A. Platonov, Moscow, A. Tolstoy's apartment museum (2016-2020).

Author of the installations, assemblage objects, performances, paintings, book objects, graphic sheets. Participant of more than a hundred group exhibitions, and 15 personal exhibitions. Author and participant of over 200 performances and actions.

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