Irina Eldarova – painter, illustrator, designer.

d.o.b. in 1955, lives and works in Baku.

Author of monumental marble reliefs at the Halglar Dostlugu metro station in Baku. Chief Artist of the Azerbaijan National Museum of Arts. Illustrator of a number of children's books (Children's Literature Publishing House).

Personal exhibitions of recent years: «Oil of Azerbaijan. Nobels. Prize 2015» at the International Industrial Exhibition CASPIAN OIL&GAS, Baku, Azerbaijan (2015); «OIL = HOLLYWOOD = POWER", Port Baku, BAKU, AZERBAIJAN (2016); «Man as a Brand», Museum of Contemporary Art, Baku, Azerbaijan (2017); «Girls Prefer Oil Workers», Academy of Arts of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia/Zurab Tsereteli Art Gallery (2017); The Dorchester Hotel, London (2019); Pullman Baku – ArtNight, Baku, Azerbaijan (2019).

Selected collective exhibitions: participation in the International Symposium «Alanica», Vladikavkaz, North Ossetia, Russia (2014); «Velvet Confessions», Gallery TRIUMPH, Moscow, Russia (2019); International Contemporary Art Festival «Maiden Tower. To be a Woman-Women for Peace» (2020); «Make Yourself an Island», Museum of Azerbaijan Painting of the XX-XXI centuries/YARAT - Center for Contemporary Art, Baku Azerbaijan, 2020.

Laureate of the prestigious prize of the Union of Journalists of Kazakhstan for the best «Media Project» - the publication «The State Book of Kazakhstan» (2007). Honored Artist of Azerbaijan, Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Arts.

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