Evgeny Umansky – artist, curator

d.o.b. in 1961, lives and works in Kaliningrad.

His artistic interests are researching and criticizing contemporary society and working with different social contexts. In his creative work, he uses the existing aesthetic manifestations - cultural heritage, including museum collections, as well as artistic reflection of anonymous authors (graffiti, street art, mass media, advertising technologies), creating his own interpretation of the source material. While creating his works, he uses various media - spatial video and photo installations, copyright objects and sculpture.

Since 1997, he is the Art Director of the Baltic Branch of the National Center for Contemporary Art. Curator of over 60 Russian and international projects.

In 2002-2006 - Director of the international art journal on contemporary art «pH».

In 2010-2011 – a member of the Expert Council of the All-Russian competition for contemporary visual art «Innovation». In 2011, the Russian-Polish project «Enclave» became the Laureate of the VII All-Russian competition for contemporary visual art «Innovation».

Personal public installations and exhibitions: «Reminiscent ...». Installation (fluorescent lamps, graffiti, sound), Art Zavod, Yekaterinburg/Russia (2009); Uralmash Supporters, public art installation, 6 billboards. Ural Industrial Biennale of Contemporary Art, Yekaterinburg/Russia (2010); «Pushkin was here. Pushkin», public art installation, neon. International Art Symposium «Alanica», Vladikavkaz/North Ossetia/Russia (2013); «Rainbow for All», public video projection on the firewall. International Art Project «Close Stranger», Center for Contemporary Art «Laznya», Gdansk/Poland (2015); «Jews in the Metropol», photo installation, Metropol Gallery, Tallinn/Estonia (2020); «Former things», sculpture, Altes Haus Apartment Museum, Kaliningrad/Russia (2020).

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