Dilara Akay – sculptor, photographer.

d.o.b. 1963, lives and works in Dalaman.

Studied Philosophy at the Bosphorus University, Istanbul (Turkey).

Dilara Akay has an interdisciplinary practice that includes sculpture, photography, print work, and she experiments extensively with social sculpture as a medium in which she facilitates social performance /gatherings around or about an installation / place.  

These social events / happenings bring together wide-ranging modes of critique, prompting reflection on gender, political authority, and questions of transcendence in life / sustenance and death / grief. She often focuses on the situation of groups or individuals that are from various reasons excluded, discriminated, silenced, and she tries to find alternative ways of expression for those who are not able to communicate and integrate in the standard way as a result of social, political, economical and ecological forces.

In 2019 she has created her passion project «Dilara Akay Sculpture Garden»; a

public space for her work inviting people from Dalaman and beyond.

Akay is an ambassador of «Terzo Paradiso» (Third Paradise / Rebirth Project by Michelangelo Pistoletto and Cittadellarte Biella / Italy).

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